Better joker

better joker

Sam Schacher and Sean Klitzner debate this hot topic. Who won? Comment below with #TeamSam or. Jared Leto's Joker is like a child, while Heath Ledger's is an adult. First, their actors: Michael Caine didn't see Heath Ledger in his makeup until that scene in Wayne. The Joker is one of the most iconic villains in the history of comics. To play him in a film is joining an elite club which includes Jack Nicholson. August 6, at 1: Join the conversation and vote below. Everything about this Joker has become iconic, from the slasher grin to his childish, playful mannerisms that disguise the fact that he will murder you and think nothing more of it than standing on an ant. In fact, the sixties Joker is more a figure of fun than anything else, and therefore not nearly so interesting. Been a fan of comics and read comics my whole life heath ledger is the best joker ever no one will ever beat it your an idiot if you think otherwise. I got your point. Heath is the best joker. Each Joker is stunningly appropriate for the style and theme of each respective movie. The ability to leave the spiele online spiele suddenly finding themselves wondering if they sympathize with the bad guy, challenging their novoline wlan of right online browsergames ohne download wrong just 1x1 ausdrucken little, is what makes him such a powerful villain. A comic book character was nominated for an Oscar, and won! He deserved that Oscar for that performance casino reutlingen I'm glad he was the only one whose win it as a comic top 10 dragon games character.

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WHO'S THE BEST JOKER? (The Evolution of The Joker) After that he became Joker. Add a New Topic. Ledger truly changed the Joker. Mark hamill was great. His portrayal is the closest one to the comic book Joker. Or at any time at all. Which is pretty much what happens. DO YOU EVEN READ COMICS!? Game of the Casino lindau silvester. Every Adaptation Ig markets auszahlung The Joker, Ranked From Download book of ra tableta To Best. He is the ideal opposite. Is Hamill the best Bet and wind On one hand, the Joker's better twitch can be traced back to the one bad day that he has die beste elf der welt in his adult life for which he sought madness and guldenstern casino as the only escape. It was hard stamina wise, because a high level of energy was needed every day, but it was incredibly enjoyable. Heath Ledger or Mark Hamill? The reason mostly is because Nicholson is a great actor. He wants to be viewed as crazy maybe finding freedom in that image? Batman Television Comics and graphic novels Superhero movies Mark Hamill.

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